Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pins and Fish

To see the context for these design ideas, go to the post "Observation Challenge."  Here are the final two design ideas from the challenge.

I don't know how you'd replicate this idea unless a department store goes out of business somewhere near you, but these days that may be more likely than not. When a department store folded in downtown Oakland, I was there the day they sold off all the furnishings and scored this sign frame stand for about a buck. It's original purpose was to stand on a counter top and announce items or sales and the like. You could switch out the message by sliding the cardboard sign out of the top of the frame. I covered the cardboard with cloth and use it as a pin storage display stand.

Floating Fish:
This was the trickiest thing to spot in the original challenge because you could only see one of these reflected in the dresser mirror. Years ago I read a factoid that said the only reason fish die when they're out of water is because gravity presses their gills closed. I immediately thought about fish in a gravity-free environment happily floating around. Imagine a pet goldfish swimming swishing its little tail to navigate around the space station. Later, a curator from the Monterey Bay Aquarium told me my original factoid was wrong, but who cares? Facts are often just a bummer. I recreated my vision of fish in space by making light papiér-mâche fish that swim about in the breezes of my bedroom.

Bonus Idea:
A Chinese paper umbrella ($5-$10 in Chinatown) with its handle cut short has been turned upside down and employed as a ceiling lampshade.

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