Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seed Bomb Bangles

Seed bombs, dating back to the early seventies, were an early strategy in the guerilla gardening movement. The first seed bombs involved putting seeds inside of balloons, filling the balloons with water and then tying them off, and throwing the water balloons into vacant lots and neglected patches of urban wasteland. The balloons would explode, water the seeds, and voila—instant garden.

Now we know better; the balloons themselves are an ecological no-no. Guerilla gardening continues around the world, as do seed bombs. Google either on the Web and you'll find lots of different techniques and strategies.

We believe the latest false product from Stuff You Can't Have is the most elegant solution to seed bombing and guerilla gardening. Our seed bomb bangles are intriguing looking, easy to employ, recyclable for repeated use, and best of all, they're a fashion accessory!

The Basic Bangle: filled with grass seed

Fashioned from clear half-inch plastic tubing with a five-eighths-inch fastener, you can open a bangle, fill it with the seeds of your choice, and refill over and over again. When you are out and about wearing your bangles and spot a forlorn patch of dirt in the mean city, simply open your bangle and scatter the seeds. Use your water bottle (presumably also eco-correct and reusable) to sprinkle some water on the seedlings and get them off to a good start.

Guerrilla Vegetable Gardens
In this false product line we carry a range of starter bangles filled with vegetable seeds of all varieties. A sample selection is pictured below.



Yellow Crookneck Squash

Beautification Bangle Bombs
For sheer beauty, forget the vegetables and plant a few flowers to brighten up the most blighted landscape. Our false product line includes a comprehensive range of flower seeds, including wildflower mixes for specific regions. Two flower bangle bomb samples are shown below.

Johnny Jump-Up (Viola)

Scarlet O'Hara Morning Glory


  1. This is brilliant, and so much easier than the bag of seed and mud balls I carry around. I'm off to raid the local hospital for some IV lines.

  2. This is such a nifty idea, especially for people who might be put off by the concept of flinging something that looks like a grenade over a fence! LOL And, let's face it, anything that gets more people on board should get a massive thumbs up. :)

  3. You've got it - my "aha" moment with these came from playing with a cannula (nose breathing tube) hooked up to my mother's oxygen tank.

  4. WELL!

    I was going to use my empty lip balm compartment to hide seeds for covert deployment...

    But you've actually made a fashion statement out of floral fertility!



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