Thursday, April 5, 2018

Time to Go Outside: The Pin Version

Growing animal pins

For the first iteration of this idea and the back-story, see the previous post - Time to Go Outside: Living Jewelry. For the pin version I have used blackboard vinyl (see how you can use chalk on the vinyl below). The simple silhouette shapes of a cat head and a rabbit have been stitched along the perimeter but left open at the top so that you can insert a tab of homemade paper. The paper was produced by throwing junk mail and water into a blender and then embedding seeds in it once the blender mixture was slopped onto a drying screen.

I like the fact that they remind me vaguely of 1930's jewelry shapes, particularly the cat pin.

Bunny pin planted with wheat grass seeded paper

Bunny pin with added chalk drawing

I am showing the pins both blank and after they've been scribbled on a bit with chalk. This is the wonder of blackboard vinyl. It works just like a blackboard, and you can erase whatever you draw and then draw something else. I am wishing I had drawn a mean, evil bunny, and because it is blackboard vinyl, I can do that the next time I wear it.

Cat pin planted with cat grass seeded paper

Cat pin with chalk embellishment

Cat lovers will appreciate the fact that in addition to sending a green, "let's go outside" message, the cat grass is something cats love to nibble.

Delectable cat grass

That is it on growable jewelry for the moment. Time to go out and make some of your own. 
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