Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Observation Challenge

My junior-year high school English teacher, Miss O'Conner, was passionate about making her students hone their powers of observation. In homage to Miss O'Conner I offer the challenge below: my bedroom dresser. I will be highlighting six distinct design ideas that appear in this picture in subsequent posts. Can you spot them in advance? A hint: it's not the painted chair, which is too mundane to mention.

And the Answer Is:
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  1. Hmm, let's see. I'm guessing the fabulous handles on the dresser might be one. They look like sports trophies from this distance.

    Just love your blog, Catherine. It's one of my favs.

  2. The thing(s) jumping out at me are the trophy-topper drawer "knobs".


  3. 1. Trophy figure drawer pulls
    2. Paper towel dispenser bangle racks (awesomely awesome)
    3. Covered trinket & jewelry boxes (maybe candy boxes re-covered with fabric and ribbon/paint/etc?)
    4. Floating/swimming air fish
    5. Fake fruit hair ornaments/fascinators/bling
    6. Decorative brooch/button board

    Part of me thinks that the curtain reflected in the mirror will be a project, that the little spots of color are shiny things tucked away into gossamer pockets sewn into the gauzy curtain. But maybe that's only wishful thinking. :)

  4. Sundari has a very good eye! And kirsty and witchylana get partial points.


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