Sunday, October 7, 2018

Water Drops: Bojagin Wrapping Cloth

Bojagin wrapped object

The latest in a series of "bojagin" - Korean-inspired cloths hand-stitched together from scraps, each designed to wrap a specific object. Click here to learn more about bojagin and to see the rest of the bojagin on this blog: Bojagin Series.

This piece utilizes scraps of indigo-dyed cloth from an earlier shibori session.

"Indigo Girls" shibori session

Here is the water drop bojagin displayed as a wall hanging.

Indigo scraps, recycled thrift store men's shirts, redwood branch

Close-up detail

Close-up detail
And here is the object to be wrapped: a vintage brass water whistle in the shape of a bird. You fill the base with water, blow, and the result is chirping bird sounds.

Object to be wrapped: vintage water whistle

And finally, the object wrapped. This is the magic of bojagin, when the wrapped object holds untold possibilities and unlimited potential.

Wrapped in wonder

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