Monday, February 18, 2019

Stitching the Ocean

What do you do when you have the flu? Apparently I stitch waves and ripples and droplets and foam. All inspired by Hamonshu: A Book of Wave and Ripple Designs (1903), from the wonderful folks at the Public Domain Review. And here you go. I have left thread ends emerging from the front of the piece because I think it contributes to the general ocean spray/wet/chaos effect. Click on any piece to enlarge.

Spray (brown paper bag, thread)

Waves (brown paper bag, tea bags, thread)

Ripples (brown paper bag, thread)

Droplets (brown paper bag, tea bags, thread)

I am tagging this "false artifacts" as well as "textiles" because these pieces look like they came from somewhere and some time other than here and now.

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