Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Seasonal Boro: Stitched Gingko Leaves, Round Two

2 seasons of stitched leaves

I first used traditional sashiko stitching to apply gingko leaves to small kimonos as a play on the Japanese practice of boro mending about a year ago. (See Happi Coat with Boro Mending and Gingko Leaves.) Now the gingko leaves are in bloom again and in the spirit of boro mending, I decided to freshen the kimonos with new leaves.

Happi coat with new and old leaves

Note how well the old leaves have held up with the sashiko stitching holding them in place. 

Kimono with old and new leaves

Adding new leaves is delicate business, but I find the way the fresh green juxtaposed with the brittle old brown mimics the shades of color in traditional boro very satisfying. I may try to squeeze in another round next season.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Specimens: A Crystalized Assemblage

Specimen jar

Experiments in crystallization continue with the Specimen Jar, an assemblage of stitched leaves, mussel and scallop shells and a few feathers, all crystallized and arranged in a jar, the leaves floating in mid-air with the aid of a little magician's thread. For techniques and how-to's, delve back through the category titled "Crystallization" on this blog.

Crystallized feather


Spiral stitched leaf

Spine and border stitched leaf

Spiral leaf no. 2

Rib-stitched leaf

Shells and feathers

Jar interior

Jar interior
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