Monday, August 16, 2010

Coats and Clocks

To see the context of these design ideas, go to the post "Observation Challenge."  Because I haven't posted for a few days I'm including two answers to the challenge instead of just one.

Old Fashioned Coat Brooches
Remember when your grandma (or great-grandma in my case) used to wear a different sort of brooch on the lapel of her coat? These remind me of those circa 1950s' brooches. Go to any good hobby shop or flower outlet and pick out some likely looking fake fruit or vegetables along with a little foliage. Sew together as needed, and also sew a pin backing onto the brooch. Affix it to the lapel of your coat or jacket and ankle around town like your own grandma.

Collage Clock
Buy a clock kit at any good hobby store (as I remember cost was under $10). Note the clock hands in the lower right quadrant of the collage below. Cut a stiff piece of cardboard or foamcore the size and shape you'd like for your collage. And then...collage it. Attach the front (the hands) and the back (mechanism and batteries) of the clock as per your clock kit instructions. Wake up to something beautiful. 

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