Saturday, August 28, 2010

String People

Over the years as people get to know you, they start to give you stuff they think you'd like. In my case that would be interesting garbage, scrap metal, odd organic detritus and, apparently, body parts. The heads in these assemblages were given to me by two different benefactors. One used to be rotting in a garden on an island off Washington state and the other came from who knows where via Berkeley. It took a while, but finally they became string people and found each other.

While both now have string innards, the base of the Asian lady is street pebbles and the base of the baby doll is broken auto glass, also scooped up from the street.

The baby doll head, surprisingly heavy, is made of solid stone.

The string people in situ. Note the other body parts strewn about, fashioned from wax, lead, and clay.

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