Monday, May 4, 2015

The Jigsaw Shirt


The formula: Use a favorite sewing pattern (in this case a heavily adapted version of Burda 8710). Lay out the pattern pieces. Cut up a couple of thrift store men's shirts (I've used two shirts and one man's pajama shirt). Using a jigsaw puzzle frame of mind, start playing and laying out shirt pieces over the pattern pieces. Once you have a pleasing arrangement for a particular pattern piece, sew shirt pieces together so that you then have a single piece of fabric that extends beyond the borders of the pattern piece and cut out that piece. Sew the shirt together. Voila!

Shirt back (yes, it's the back)

Here's how I went about piecing these together. I had to add snippets of material to the bottom of the pattern on either side to have enough cloth for the flare, but used matching material so those additions aren't visible.

Click to enlarge

I like the way the opening in the gray pajama material at the bottom is off-center. I also love the way the use of the shirt button plackets for a collar turned out.

Button placket used for collar

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