Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bowling Trophy Dresser Pulls

To see the context of this design strategy, go to the post "Observation Challenge." Below, the knobs on a dresser have been replaced with bowling trophy figurines.

MAKE: It turns out that trophy figurines come with a thick screw at the bottom, which is used to attach the figurine to the trophy base. Simply unscrew the figurine from the trophy base. Remove dresser knobs. The screws on all of these figurines fit easily into the holes that were already in the dresser for knobs. Use a nut inside of the drawer to secure each screw in place.

About snagging trophy figurines: Trophies can be found at yard sales, flea markets, etc. What you want to get are the older trophies made out of real metal. Newer trophies are made out of plastic and painted with metallic paint and look and feel cheap and synthetic on close inspection. I set a price limit of $2 U.S. on a trophy, and that's for a very good/unusual trophy. 

Safety warning: If you go back to the original challenge picture, you'll note something off about the lower right drawer pull. One day, walking past the dresser too fast while the bottom drawer was slightly ajar, I managed to snap off a heavy metal figurine with my shin.  These figurines are sharp and they protrude into the room. Be prepared to suffer for your decor. 

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