Friday, September 23, 2011

Upcycled One Buck Man's Shirt

Found: an over-size, button-down collar, standard, boring man's shirt in the dollar rack at the thrift store. The material: a really nice cotton-rayon blend and lots of it, since the shirt was so huge.

The result:

Front: A sewing pattern for a sleeveless shell was adapted by lengthening the shell and lining up the bottom with the bottom of the original shirt.

The front of the new shell blouse was cut from the back of the original, voluminous man's shirt.

Sleeves from the original shirt were cut into strips, sewn into long, thin tubes, and then sewn down to form spirals on the front of the new shell blouse.

The front of the original shirt becomes the back of the new shell.

The buttons still function.

The word "upcycled" has been emboidered vertically on the back.

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