Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art from the Class Wars - Embroidered Toilet Paper

A remnant from the American Class Wars circa 2011, when the stock market crumbled, unemployment rose, people lost their homes, and the Tea Party held congress and the country hostage in their bid for power. 

This hand-embroidered toilet paper, stitched by the very poor, is designed to offer the very rich the ne plus ultra in bathroom decor and creature comforts. Unbelievably fluffy and soft to the touch, the paper is painstakingly embellished with 4-ply, pure cotton floss in an array of colors and designs.

From the "Second home in Napa with four bedrooms, five baths" collection

Detail from the Napa collection

Detail from the Napa collection

Extended view of the Napa collection

Sneak peek at the new "Condo in Belize that looks just like a condo in LA complete with huge master bath, twin sinks, rainforest shower head, and sunken tub" collection


  1. I love it... but you better watch out where you hang it! This is right up there with your embroidered Wonder Bread...

  2. And God knows everyone has toilet paper by now or knows someone with “a square to space” 😂


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