Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GIGO - The Book of Garbage

The GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) book was made from garbage that cycles through my house over a day or two (including the junk that arrives in the mail). The magazine pages and scraps are from magazines I fished out of the dumpster in my building.

Cover: Portion of fiber bar box, magazine scraps, junk mailer, nicotine gum plastic packets, nicotine gum foil. The scraps inside the plastic packets rattle around when you shake the book.

Pages one and two

Inside of fiber bar box, humming birds from used paper towels, flowers from scraps of pink plastic shopping bag

Scrap from cereal box, seagulls from junk mailer, magazine scraps, assorted plastic and paper refuse
Pages three and four

Inside of cereal box scrap, squares of shiny foil wrapper, "nest" of dryer lint, thread scraps, foil bits and paper refuse

Magazine page and clippings, used notepaper, return envelope that came with a bill despite the fact I pay that bill electronically, Netflix mailer scraps

Pages five and six

Magazine page, birds from foil wrapper containing Trader Joes seaweed, Netflix mailer

Portion of clear plastic lid, magazine pages

Pages seven and eight (the wetlands spread)

Magazine page and scraps, great blue heron from paper grocery bag, grass from green plastic garbage bag, assorted scraps of garbage among the grass

Fiber bar box, magazine scraps, clapper rail and foil water ripples from seaweed package, grass from green plastic grocery bag, assorted garbage among grass from garbage scraps

Back cover: inside of fiber bar box, dodo from old train ticket, lettering from magazine, pile of garbage from assorted scraps of refuse


  1. A little bird told me to look at your post today... I wonder which one? this book reminds me of Poe the Crow from Sterling North's book, Rascal. Lovely, edgy, and well done.

  2. Thanks Vivika - apparently we have birds in common. Don't know the book, I'll search it out.


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