Friday, July 30, 2010

How to Fly - May Day Scenarios

For an explanation/introduction to How to Fly, click here. In the segment below, dreamers describe a variety of flying locales.

Gravity Gone Wrong

What I do is not so much flying, it's more like
a loss of gravity. I start floating up and away
from the earth. It's upsetting. It's not a pleasant
experience. I do know that I never wear
my glasses when I'm flying.
- James Howard, Age 46, Psychologist

Free Falling

Normally I just rise projectile-like, usually
from a field. But it's not always pleasant.
Sometimes I'll go into, like, dives. There's a
sensation of falling. Sometimes I'll just be
falling and then I fly. It's not like I take off.
I'm falling and say, "Oh, I'm not falling, I'm
flying," and then I fly.
When you're flying there's a sweetness and
affection to it. It's always exhilarating. Like,
"Woah, we're doing it again!"
- Bart Paugh, Age 40-something, Poet, Publication Designer

Aerial Rescue

I'm usually a little girl when I'm flying. I fly
like a dragonfly or a butterfly, but my arms
aren't moving. I fly around and see people
being attacked and I save them. I dive
down and snatch them away, or I attack the
perpetrator, mainly by falling on them or
pushing them away. When I was young it was
fun and I was happy saving people. Now it's
more like a nightmare.
- Brendalynn Goodall, Age 46, Director, Program on Ageing

Hovering Infant

I was really young when I flew. I wasn't even
walking yet, so my flying was like a float and a
kick. I would only fly as high as the top of a
doorway, right above the reach of an adult
male hand. I wasn't going any farther, I wasn't
going anywhere. I was actually stalled, but I
was safe.
- Laura Powers, Age 43, Legal Secretary, Former Resident of Soleri Arcology

Fleeing the Fall Semester

My flying is pretty purposeful. I always fly
to get away from someone or something
trying to get me. I'm always leaving a difficult
situation, always. Fall is a good season for flying,
when the school year starts.

You would like to be with me when I fly. I'm
great! To take off I kind of jump off, leap. I
swim along doing the breast stroke upward
until I reach a safe distance above tree level,
and then I go horizontal.
- Judy Richter, Ph.D., Age 50, Professor of Nursing, University of Northern Colorado

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