Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Death Kites

In Guatemala some traditional ceremonies include flying a kite on the Day of the Dead to send messages up to heaven. Here is a death kite recently flown to celebrate the life and departure of Louise (see "Unreasonable Fears "), accompanied by off-key voices singing "When You Wore a Tulip."

I have made this kite pattern for many occasions and it is quick, simple, and an absolutely guaranteed champion flier. You may make kites of your own using my free, downloadable instructions along with a blank kite pattern to which you may add any picture you like. 

Download using the following link: Death Kite Pattern and Template 

Click on image to see larger version.

Envision wedding guests flying kites with photos of the bride and groom; imagine celebrating a birth with a sky full of baby pictures. One of my most enjoyable times with this kite was making and flying them with a bunch of friends on the beach in Cabo San Lucas for a birthday celebration. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. I'm your witness this kite design works great. But I bet it soars even higher with that terrific picture of your mom on board! May she forever rest in peace.


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