Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to Fly - Locations

For an explanation/introduction to How to Fly, click here. In the segment below, dreamers describe a variety of flying locales.

Visiting Lesley Gore

I don't know how I get up there. I'm all of a
sudden just flying, and it feels so wonderful. I
can see a patchwork of green fields below. I
circle above houses until I find the one I want,
and then I fly right in through the window.
All of a sudden, I've landed and just start talking
and no one is surprised.

One time I zoomed into a sort of southern
California-style ranch house and saw Lesley
Gore. She had short red hair and was wearing
bell bottoms and a shell top. I remember the
clothes, and I remember how nice she was—
she was my friend.

- Jim Allio, Age 50, Postal Clerk, Writer, Singer

Corner Crouching

I've been flying as far back as I can remember.
I always start up near the ceiling in a corner of
the room in a semi-crouch. I don't know how
I get there. Then I just glide down into the
room. I don't know how, something steers me.
I land very comfortably.

I never fly around outside. Except once, at the
end of the world, I flew straight up into intense

- Denise Davis, M.D., Age 39, Internist

Window Peeping

When I was younger I did a whole lot of
flying, looking out of windows, aerial views,
sort of swooping down.

- Pam O'Connell, Age 45, Interior Designer Specializing
in Window Treatments

This Must Be Chicago

I remember flying dreams at least from my
preteen years. I just kind of go up and usually
have the ability to go up whenever I want to. I
can choose how high I go up. Usually it's over
people's heads, about two or three stories
high. Recently I saw a whole group of people
flying in the same direction. That's unusual.
Usually it's just me. I fly a lot in cities—there
are trees, buildings. I think it's Chicago.

- Deborah Goldsmith, Age 47, Community College
Economics Instructor

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