Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Role of the Nose in the Birth of Psychoanalysis and the Way Things Might Have Been

Another piece from the Apron Archives, this one focusing on psychoanalysis and Wilhelm Fleiss, Freud's friend and mentor. The white frothy apron is apt for the Austrian context, but the sheer fabric makes the text a bit difficult to read so I will recap some of the content underneath the photos.

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Fleiss convinced Freud that the nose is the enter of all human illness—psychological and physical. Freud & Fleiss applied these theories in treating each other (picture 2 men high on cocaine, peering up each other's nostrils)

Male (nose), Female (nostril)
Inhale - life in, Exhale - life out
"Bokuno" Japanese "I am," used by males in self introduction, pointing toward their nose.

The Theories
"nasal reflex neurosis" causes masturbation
"gastric spot" - point within the nose treated with topical application of cocaine and cauterization

Fleiss blew it all by botching nasal surgery on one of Freud's patients, causing Freud to reject him and his theories and changing the course of psychoanalysis

"The only thing patients are good for is to help the analyst make a living and to provide material for a theory." Freud

With Freud, Fleiss "discovered" bisexuality & the link between cross gender identity and left-handedness

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