Monday, June 7, 2010

Repurposed Shirt #1

How many ways can you repurpose used, classic men's shirts? Let's find out. Here is the first of a series of repurposed shirts.

Total cost for 2 used shirts: $5.99.
Shirt A (the white shirt) remains intact except for button shifting (see below).
Shirt B (the bluish-green shirt) has been cut up. Pieces used from shirt B include: the entire back of the shirt below the yoke; the strip from the front containing the buttons; the strip from the front containing the buttonholes; and half of a collar. Back fabric has been tapered into a rough triangle; button and button hole strips have been sewed to either side; collar half has been placed on top for added interest. Note that all buttons on both shirts had to be removed, shifted and resewn because the spacing was different on the two shirts. You should be able to figure out the rest from there.


  1. Interesting take on it! I am liking your creativity! I am playing around with some vintage mens button ups as well! I am thinking skirts.


  2. very creative! i really like your blog--it's new and different. how do you come up with this stuff??

  3. love this site. My sister runs a vintage clothing shop, I can't wait to show her this. Not sure if she could do some of this stuff but I know she'd like it :)


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  4. From the batch of examples, number 4 has to be my favorite. I am going to have to dig out my husband's old shirts and see what I can come up with! Fun stuff!

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  5. Insert your sample here. <3 Love it!


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