Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reverse Archeology

Welcome to the Reverse Archeology project, an international, participatory effort to plant false evidence of civilizations that never existed.

The first step: Decorate stones with evocative markings. See samples below.

Click on images for larger version.

Step two: plant the stones in your environment—on the beach, near a path in the woods, in an urban gutter. You are creating the opportunity for a moment of discovery and wonder.

Step three: spread the word. Reverse Archeology mailers have already been sent out across the globe. You may download your own mailing packet, with which you can print out and send Reverse Archeology greeting cards. To download a free PDF of the Reverse Archeology project card go to the site below:

Here's what your mailer will look like:

The final step: When you create and plant a stone somewhere on the planet, e-mail me at the following project e-mail address,, and your false evidence will become part of a Google map that will be displayed on this blog in a month or so. See example of a Reverse Archology map and a few stones I've planted in my vicinity below.

View Reverse Archeology: Stone Map in a larger map

Welcome to the project, and be careful out there!

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