Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sixth Extinction Decor: Homage to Martha

The homage: a passenger pigeon armchair

This upcycle and latest addition to my decor is part of the Sixth Extinction series (see Sixth Extinction Couture: Passenger Pigeons), which focuses on the fact that we are currently in the sixth and most devastating planet-wide species extinction in history, courtesy of homo sapiens. September 1 of this year marked the 100 year anniversary of the death of Martha, the last of the passenger pigeons, once the most abundant bird species on the planet. Turning a tattered old thrift store armchair into an homage to Martha seemed like the least one could do.

The starting point: a $10 thrift store chair

Before: In use in its uninspired state

After: reborn (unlike the poor passenger pigeon)

Close-up, chair back

Close-up, chair arm

Before: chair side


Side close-up

Before: Chair back



Materials: Remaindered upholstery fabric, downloaded vintage passenger pigeon portraits, iron-on transfer to scrap cotton.

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