Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pimp Your TV: The Sequel

Every TV needs a hood ornament

I have pimped my TV a couple of times in the past (see Pimp Your Television), but the creations eventually get cannibalized for some other project. This time around I was inspired by a wander through the Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland, where disparate finds included WWII-vintage sheet music, old ivory piano keys complete with mechanism, and a baggie of faux jewels, all for under $3 total. The obvious project occurred: a music-themed TV.

The full installation

Piano keys with sheet music and Chinese paper garlands

Overhead view

Close-up of side
Some day this old dinosaur will die, and with it I will lose all that lovely surface area that you just don't get with a flat screen TV. Meanwhile, the fun continues.

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