Monday, November 17, 2014

Seaweed Sampler: An exercise in stitchery

sampler book of dried seaweed

Here is the final entry in the latest round of experiments in stitching seaweed (see Seaweed for earlier creations) and it is so damn adorable I think it may be my favorite.

view of closed sampler

Various types of seaweed were cut to a uniform shape and then stitched to small anchoring panels of cloth while still wet and supple. They were then pressed and dried for a period of time. The sampler book was assembled using the prepared seaweed panels, fabric from an upholstery sample book, a vintage button, and a piece of "ribbon" cut from cloth. Edges of the book are bound with blanket stitching, and the inner panels and outer cover are secured together at the edge with a running stitch.

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