Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upcycled Men's Shirt #11 - Sunbonnet Baby

Yet another piece in the ongoing series of upcycled men's shirts. This time around a standard button-down-collar man's shirt has been transformed into a baby bonnet and sun frock.

The ensemble

The bonnet utilizes the shirt collar for the bonnet brim and one shirt cuff for the back of the bonnet. Gathered shirt material is used for the remainder. The hat brim can be worn folded back or extended forward. When extended, the profile view looks remarkably similar to the vintage Sunbonnet Babies' bonnets. The extended brim view below (third photo down) should give you a very clear idea of how the hat was constructed.

Bonnet with hat brim turned back

Bonnet with hat brim turned forward.

Hat buttoned under chin, using the original fastening from the front of the collar
The dress utilizes sections from the back yoke of the original shirt for the front and back yokes of the dress. Additional shirt material is gathered and sewn to the yokes to become the body of the dress. The button strip from the front of the original shirt has been removed, cut into sections, and used for the shoulder straps of the dress. Any leftover shirt buttons have been added to the strips so that the straps are adjustable. Hand-sewn button holes have been added to the dress yokes on front and back.


Shoulder straps from original button strip on shirt

Below we see an almost-one-year-old modeling the fetching ensemble.

Brim forward, chin buttoned

Brim folded back, unbuttoned

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