Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pacific Gyre Happy Clams

A new false product from Stuff You Can't Have! As always there is absolutely no way to purchase these, but you can always make some of your own (see instructions at end of post).

Front of happy clam package. Click to enlarge.

Back of happy clam package. Click to enlarge.

Fun Facts:
High concentrations of plastic, sludge, marine litter and debris trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre (one of the five major oceanic gyres created by ocean currents) have formed what is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also called the Pacific Trash Vortex. Estimates of its size range from an area the size of Texas to an area twice the size of the Continental U.S. For more info, try Wikipedia or Google.

The happy clams

Drop a happy clam into a tall glass vase, fishbowl, or aquarium and prepare to be amazed. Get into the swim of things by dropping a few happy clams into your bath and pretend you are paddling in the Great Pacific Garbage patch.

The clams in action, recreating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Close-up of happy clams in action

Make your own:

• Collect matching pairs of clam shells from the beach or save them after eating a clam dinner. Clean thoroughly and keep matching pairs together.

• Cut colorful used plastic shopping bags into strips. Glue strips to the inside of clam shells using a dab of glue. The best glue to use is 100% silicone, available at any hardware store.

• Stuff plastic strips into clams and close clam shell. Either just wad it in there or twirl the plastic around a toothpick, working towards the inside base of the clam, and then stuff it in there.

• Use small strips of tissue paper to hold clam closed. Use a glue stick or other water soluble glue for this step. Remember you want the tissue paper to come apart under water so the clam opens up. Don't use heavy paper - the more delicate the better.

• For simple packaging you can just put clams in a zip-lock baggie. Or you could make colorful little bags out of recycled shopping bags. Recycled packaging has been used here. Always save any packaging that has interesting display possibilities, particularly those with plastic compartments. The packaging here came from little model car packaging, suitable for hanging on a shelf display from a rod.

Good luck and happy clamming. We created the Pacific Trash Vortex, might as well have some fun with it.


  1. What a great combination of wonderful and awful. I want to make them - they are so much fun! Oh, no! We are killing the ocean! :-)


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