Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recycled Rubber Bags: First Responders

More recycled rubber handbags. For the backstory see the original post here. The following are from the "first responder" series; all include inserts with first aid instruction from various sources.

Insert with graphic from Chinese first aid manual.

Insert with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation technique.

Insert from Chinese first aid manual. 

Again, it's the wear patterns on the rubber that really make the bag. Note the pebbled effect from road wear on the middle bag. The inserts are protected with a top layer of clear vinyl, and backed with a panel of rubber and then stitched into the bag. The security people at airports always stop me to discuss these bags. They seem to love them.


  1. Just found your blog through another.. LOVE this stuff I can't have! ...

  2. I love your bags
    Do you sell it?
    Great job
    Alexandrine from france

  3. No Alexandrine - this is all stuff you can't have, but glad you like it.

  4. Its amazingly beautiful product. Love it


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