Saturday, September 11, 2010

Found: Art Collecting 101

This piece, one of my favorites, was found in the dumpster near the Laney Community College art studios. It's done with what looks like magic marker on wood that has been semi-white washed. The man's ear and the woman's mouth are drawn on paper and superimposed on the image.

This is an example of a strategy my godson Sam and his roommates came up with to decorate their West Oakland Victorian (before a gang of bad guys kicked the door in one night and they all fled in terror): Go to an art academy or art institute (or locate the art classrooms/studios/dumpsters at universities or local colleges) and cruise the dumpsters for both the dorms and the art studios during the last week of the semester. You'll find drawings, paintings, and sculpture the art students abandon at end of term. Look for future art superstars. Look for things that simply speak to you. This is dumpster diving at its finest.


Bonus decor strategy: mannequin hand as art stand. This wall is solid concrete and really problematic when it comes to hanging pictures. The solution involves a brass column scored at an Oakland metal recycling yard which turned out to have a hole on top that was a perfect fit for the mannequin's wrist.

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