Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Rubble Decor

Here's another sideboard (see the first by clicking here) assembled from bits of broken pottery found on the stretch of shore I call "Glass Beach," where the tides eat away at a landfill and slowly expose bits of glass and pottery and tumble them in the surf.

Click to enlarge.

Find the ear! Click to enlarge.

The sideboard was completed in two separate panels, slipped into place, and secured with a couple of nails (this is an apartment so it's easily removable). The two sections were then grouted together down the middle. Note: doing a pique assiette (broken pottery) mosaic with irregular found shards isn't easy and requires some desperate fast-paced grouting around and under odd overhangs. The little praying lady was not found on Glass Beach. At this point I have no idea where she came from, but she fit so beautifully onto the jutting plate that she got added to the sideboard.

FYI: the pie, cake and rabbit on the sideboard all come from Creative Growth—a wonderful project/gallery in Oakland where highly talented artists with mental, physical and developmental difficulties get to while away the day making wonderful things.

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