Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Souvenir Handkerchief No. 2 Coronavirus Series


A lovely little pandemic souvenir

 Here is the second in a series of souvenir handkerchiefs. My fingers went their own way on this one as my mind drifted in pandemic fashion, I have no idea what that thing in the middle is, but it looks sort of like a Petri dish so let’s say it’s all about vaccine research.

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The quote - “Please scream inside your head” - is actually a misprint. A long, slow, stitched mistake. The original quote - “Please scream inside your heart” - is something I have been using a lot and originates with a sign on a Japanese rollercoaster early in the pandemic, encouraging people to keep their mouths closed and not spray the virus everywhere. But who can keep track of where we are screaming inside of ourselves these days? Scream wherever inside yourself you want, just don’t spread it around.

If you have time on your hands and would like to delve into the history of souvenir handkerchiefs and handkerchiefs in general, try this link - Handkerchief Heroes.

And for fellow stitchers, a view from the back of the behind-the-scenes view.

Flip side stitching detail

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