Saturday, September 12, 2020

Coronavirus 2020 Souvenir Handkerchief


A lovely souvenir

Souvenir handkerchiefs have a long, colorful, cornball history, with the fad hitting its peak when automobiles hit the road and tourists returned from their adventures in places like Pocatello, Idaho with delicate little squares of cloth embroidered with potatoes.

Certainly our current adventures in the surrealistic realm of 2029 warrants its own commemorative hankie. I have actually been working on three. Whiling away the time stitching tiny dots onto sheer cotton makes me less nervous about the wildfires raging in my state, the toxic smoke outside, and the virus floating in the air. Happily, amongst by bags of fabrics and finding I have an assortment of vintage handkerchiefs that have found a new purpose in this project.

Here is the first in the series, completed circa month three of the ongoing sheltering in place. Back when toilet paper was an issue. Expand the image to appreciate the obsessive detail.


Back, revealing stitching

Stay tuned for more in this souvenir series in coming weeks.

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  1. I love this! Have definitely been screaming inside my heart! Your embroidery art is wonderful!


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