Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sea Glass Whimsies

Installing a sea glass sculpture in my mini succulent garden

Lives there a soul who has visited the shore who doesn't have a stash of sea glass in their house? Well if you've got some sea glass and you've got some glue, get ready for some fun during these long pandemic days. This is sort of like creating mini-stained glass windows with no technical skills whatsoever. I used a small tube of super glue, but I suspect a glue gun might make this even easier.

Sea glass sculpture on window sill


The only trick to this is identifying a base piece that will allow your sculpture to stand up, making sure there are enough contact points between two glass pieces to allow you to achieve a bond, and balancing the whole thing. If you've chosen a good base, the balance part is easy.

A favorite piece

Alternate view


This final piece incorporates a shard of a sea-worn broken cup I found on a stretch of landfill on the San Francisco Bay that is slowly being eroded and yields wonderful finds from the past. This is the piece that kicked off this project.

Assemblage piece using old pottery

On window sill overlooking the lake

I hope you start playing with your own sea glass and make whatever space you have found yourself in during this shelter-in-place saga a touch more magical.

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