Saturday, November 2, 2013

Going on a Garbage Walk

This is the first of a series of garbage walks, resulting in a series of works to be artfully hung on one wall. The wall itself is pretty well trashed from past water leakage, so it's garbage all around!

This first piece is made entirely from found crap at the Port of Oakland 7th Street Park, picked up during a walk along a barbed wire fence armed with cameras guarding the high-security shipping terminal and customs booths, out to a fishing pier that juts into the Bay with spectacular views of San Francisco.

Garbage walk #1, 10/23/13 (click to enlarge)

Garbage walk rules are simple. 
1. Take a walk and collect garbage along the way.
2. Assemble a piece (including backing and hanging mechanism) entirely from the garbage.

The piece above contains some nifty finds, including a fish hook, Port security regulations, the oaktag label, and fishing line, from which the piece is hung. Fishing line was also used to secure the hook to the card.


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