Friday, November 8, 2013

Flotsam, Jetsam and All-around Junk

An embarrasment of garbage

The three pieces shown below were assembled from junk found along the edge of the San Francisco Bay. For the rules and regs of garbage walks see the previous post, Going On a Garbage Walk. The rubble utilized for these assemblages was collected at a site I call "Glass Beach," which is really a section of a nature reserve on the shores of the bay that is built on landfill. Waves against the shore slowly erode the edge of the landfill exposing bits and pieces of the past including bottles and broken pottery. Once glass is exposed the waves work like a rock tumbler, smoothing the pieces down into sea glass.
Cup handle, eroded seashell, glass

As per garbage walk rules, the attachment used to hang these on a wall is also garbage from the site. In the assemblage above it is an eroded seashell. In the assemblage below it is fluted circular piece that looks like a miniature bundt cake mold.

7 shards of pottery and a circular piece of jetsam

Wood, glass, barnacle, and cup handle

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