Monday, May 13, 2013

The Pocket Garden: Where Geek Meets Eco-Chic

The very geeky, eco-chic pocket garden

Here is the latest false product from Stuff You Can't Have, and since this will never hit the market we're going to teach you how to make one for yourself. The classic geek accessory, the pocket protector, has been married to the idea of a miniature, portable garden. How green (or geeky) can you get?

The dimensions below are for a standard pocket garden and will fit into the pocket of your average man-tailored shirt. If you want to wear your pocket garden with a specific shirt or a shirt with different-size pockets, adjust the dimensions accordingly. The only supplies needed are vinyl, needle and thread, potting soil, and plant seeds.

Click on image to enlarge

In this first example of a pocket garden, we've used chalkboard vinyl left over from a previous project (Experiments with Chalkboard Vinyl), and we've planted an assortment of herbs.

Fill with potting soil, plant seeds, and water.

As the seeds are growing and when your pocket garden is not in active use, water as needed and prop it upright near a sunny window.

Pocket herb garden. You may want to add a loop on the outer flap for a small pair of scissors so that you may snip fresh herbs to enhance your meal while dining out.

The pocket garden in action. Because chalkboard vinyl was used it is possible to write messages on the front flap.

Below is a second example of a pocket garden with a slightly different design. This time around we've planted morning glory seeds.

Slightly different design

Sprouting morning glories

Morning glory pocket garden in action

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