Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Magic Swami Goldfish Tank

How do you turn a basically boring goldfish into a fascinating spectacle to behold? Through the magic of fish tank decor — extreme fish tank decor! At the end of this post you'll find a link to a free PDF template so you can tinker with your own fish tank or fish bowl.

Here are the basics on how the fortune-telling process works:

Here is the magic fortune-teller fish tank I created for my fish Lazlo.

Click on image to see larger version.

Use bits and pieces around the house to embellish your tank and create your curtain. My materials (I have very cool stuff around my house) include broken bits of an antique Chinese lantern, jade Buddha-head beads, gold tassels, fabric, green glass beads, and trim.

The procedure: Ask a question with the curtain closed. Open the curtain, and your fish's position in the tank is the key to reading your fortune or receiving mystic answers to your questions.

Here is the tank with the curtain opened:

Lazlo's mystic answer is "Yes."

A one-minute video (complete with haunting soundtrack) explains the back-story behind this invention:

Click on link below to view video

To download a template for the magic fortune telling panel, get a free 2-page PDF by clicking here: Magic Swami Goldfish Tank Templates.

The templates also include a much simpler, modified fortune-telling system suitable for fish bowls. The fish bowl system involves three medallions that may be fixed to the outside of the bowl using mounting wax or a dab of water-soluble glue.

Two-sided medallions for magic fish bowl

Fortune-telling fish bowl

The downloadable templates also include little gilded frames announcing "Intermission" and "The End" as well as a blank frame on which you may write the name of your magic goldfish. As always, have fun. Otherwise why bother?

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