Friday, March 16, 2012

Visual Mashup: The Art of Play

Every once in a while as I am idly looking around my cluttered environs or sorting through my many, many baskets of assorted junk, unrelated objects seem to find each other in a perfect visual mashup. Here are some of them now. I spent an entire evening contemplating these with utter delight. They made me very happy.



The next day a friend was visiting and I showed the mashups to him and said, "Aren't these just great?" He looked doubtful and finally said, "Well, so much of what you do seems to take a lot of time and it looks like these only took a few minutes."

Interesting. I wouldn't have thought it was necessary to state this, but apparently it is: time is not the point.

As a complete aside, I realized in retrospect that this visual mashup has a theme. The two little vases were originally intended as funerary urns for the ashes of dead goldfish as part of Your First Dead Goldfish. The vintage eraser was given to me by a friend when her father died. I have no idea where the plug came from, but of course there is the expression, "pulling the plug." So - the theme of this visual mashup seems to be death. Who knew?

1 comment:

  1. your an unconscious symbalist....maybe! lol love the plug lid!


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