Saturday, March 3, 2012

Astonishingly Practical Band-Aid Earrings

These were first invented a few decades ago when a metal allergy made wearing earrings problematic, but I wanted to wear earrings anyway. These are quick and easy to make and can take off in almost any creative direction. This could also be a fun project for kids (and they are legion) who are obsessed with band-aids.

Assemble materials, including a glue stick and standard band-aids

Sort through old magazines, maps, and junk mail and clip visually interesting images. Make sure the piece you clip is larger than a band-aid

Glue band-aid face down on the wrong side of paper scrap, centering the best part of the image you want to feature as best you can so that it ends up on the padded part of the band-aid strip.

Cut out band-aid. Then trim one end as shown. This is the end that fits inside your ear. Note: the protective paper covering the adhesive part of the band-aid remains in place through all steps until you're ready to wear the band-aid.

And voila! The finished band-aid earring.

Now fold the band-aid, making firm creases at each end of the padded section.

More band-aid earrings

You may also sew on dangling objects. These earrings are part of a new series of "Choking Hazard" jewelry.

Just stitch right through the padded section of the band-aid.

Another dangle version, using a tiny rocker.

The test lab

"Off your rocker" earring on test lab ear

Choking hazard earring on the ear of an obliging male friend. Center padded section of band-aid over your earlobe. Fold narrow end of band-aid inside the ear and secure. Fold wide end of band-aid under earlobe and secure to back of earlobe.
Portrait of the artist sporting an "off your rocker" earring


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