Monday, May 23, 2011

Window Fantasy Close-Ups

I posted some photos of these window treatments a while back, but those were taken from afar and didn't show details. To see those shots of the curtains as a whole, click here. While wandering around with my camera the other day I couldn't resist taking a series of close-ups. Again, the curtains are metal mesh and the pockets and other adornments were painfully hand sewn onto the mesh.

sea glass, broken jewelry

sea glass, plastic fish

sea glass

sea glass, plastic fish, button

sea glass, plastic fish

piece from a broken Venetian glass chandelier

sea glass, broken jewelry

laminated Chinese fortune and buttons

pieces from a broken vintage beaded curtain and broken jewelry

auto window glass fragments, broken jewelry, airplane charm

plastic cow, broken jewelry, religious medallion

faucet spigot, piece of old beaded curtain, broken jewelry

broken auto glass and tail lights, broken jewelry

doll arm, broken jewelry

pieces from old beaded curtain, broken jewelry

brass chicken foot from salvage yard, old beaded curtain pieces

Laminated Chinese fortune ("You think it is a secret but it never has been one"), glass buttons

flea market junk bin find

flea market junk bin find

broken auto tail light, broken jewelry

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  1. Nicely presented information in this post. Nowadays, beaded curtains are made from multitudes of bead materials including acrylic, wood, bamboo, painted bamboos, PVC, feathers, natural, eco-friendly materials, shells and beaded lamps.


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