Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shadow Art

This piece is almost impossible to photograph—installed in a dark hallway and normally illuminated by candles. I've skirted the problem by using a flashlight. The complete installation includes six little candle-lit figures and a central piece of framed embroidered metal-on-metal screen. Three of the figures are currently on loan to the Oakland Museum. Here are the remainder.

The little figures are thin copper, fashioned after images from photographs of me dancing on the roof of a three-story Julia Morgan house in Berkeley.


  1. it must be so cool to be you and have this endless stream of beautiful consciousness, AND the drive to bring it all to life. you are a lucky duck.

  2. . . . !


  3. i love that you have pictures of you dancing on a JM building in Berkeley! I love it even MORE that you turned them into this shadow tossing goodness!



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