Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Felt Buttons

An experiment in the course of trying to stay warm during the winter in Northern California.

Adapted pattern

The starting point: a blouse pattern converted into a jacket of polar fleece and adapted in a number of ways. Pattern pieces were simply cut out and then blanket-stitched together; no need to hem with polar fleece. The collar has been adapted into an oversized teardrop shape. Pockets have been added.

New teardrop collar

For the buttons, I tried an experiment, cutting abstract shapes out of felt, layering a piece or two, and using the felt as buttons.

Felt button
To use the felt button, you just fold or squish it together, pull it through the button hole, and flatten it out again. To my surprise, it works perfectly, particularly in combo with the polar fleece.

Pull button through button hole

And there you have it — felt buttons.


  1. brilliant. lovely!
    curious....... do they stay secure
    while you wear the coat?

  2. Yes they do stay secure, but I suspect you'd need a garment fabric like polar fleece for that to be so. I was amazed when this worked.


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