Wednesday, December 1, 2010

All My Little Shoes: Intro

The next few postings are creations I made for a little art book called "All My Little Shoes," an experiment in materials from gold mesh to meat.

Little shoe from one square of toilet paper
While viewing the little shoes, try humming "Put My Little Shoes Away," a traditional folk song recorded by the Everly Brothers. The lyrics are below, or you can listen to the Everly Brothers sing it by clicking here. Let it play in the background while you view the little shoes collection.

Mother dear come bathe my forehead,
for I'm growing very weak.
Mother, let one drop of water
fall upon my burning cheek.
I'm going away to leave you mother darling,
and remember what I say.
Do this won't you please dear mother,
put my little shoes away.
Tell my lovely little playmates
that I never more will play.
Give them all my toys but mother,
put my little shoes away.

To see edible shoe section click here. To see ephemeral shoe section, click here. To see the final "etcetera" section click here.

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