Monday, November 29, 2010

Evidence of Fairies

Fairy Daytime Frock

Magnolia Ball Gown
Fairy Party Dress

Fairy Play Romper

Fairy Sun Dress

Fairy Tea Dress

These may look familiar to some of you. They were previously posted in my Etsy shop, which is now closed since I have decided to return to my noncommercial roots. The frocks above were hand-fashioned from flower petals, with a heavy reliance on daffodils.


  1. Too, too gorgeous!
    You are one truly clever artist!
    May Gibbs would be jealous.

    Felicity x

  2. THese are just beautiful. What an eye you have for "stuff".

  3. Sp much more lovely than faked photos!!

  4. How creative and lovely!
    Thank you for sharing your unique talent!

  5. Hey there! I know you left etsy, but I've been thinking of the Magnolia Ball Gown photo a lot lately. It took me a long time to find you! I had it in my favorites for a long time but never had a place to put it. Is it possible to still buy a copy?

  6. Meredith- couldn't figure out a way to respond other than here, so hope you get this somehow. Nope, the prints are no longer available. I am taking a noncommercial route for a while, which frees me up to do whatever I want. Sorry.

  7. Early this morning I shared your fairie ensembles on my JunkArta Facebook page linking back to your website. People LOVE LOVE them! They are liking, commenting, and sharing. You are very creative and imaginative. I hope you get some new traffic to your blog.

    You can visit my page and see what people are saying:

    I also shared it on flea marketing gardening:

    On my Pinterest board Fairie Land:

    I have other Facebook pages I am going to share it on too. You can find all of my media links here on XeeMe.

    Shelley Novotny

  8. Cathy - Just relocated your site, and had to look and refind these! Hope you're doing well! Hugs, Pam Lefcourt


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