Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Junkyard Dogs

Here, in general celebration of junk, are a series of junkyard dog pins. The first is made from a tin can lid, a metal heel guard, a scrap of copper, soda tin pop-top tabs, a battered locket, and excerpts from the Yellow Pages. The oblong braille template (made from a folded tin can lid) says "dog." The Yellow Page excerpt is just a random portion from the junk dealers listings.  I like the way braille looks, and the hidden aspects of language (in this case, most sighted people can't read braille and blind people can't see the pin in the first place).

Inside the locket.  

This second pin is fashioned from tin can lid, a picture of a dog from the Yellow pages, broken auto glass, found metal rubble, and a battered old heart charm. I call this one Joe and to my mind, Joe doesn't look like he'd bite anyone.

Finally, we have a pin assembled from an old charm from a church white elephant sale, scrap metal, and a soda can pop tab. What made the charm particularly irresistible is the inscription on the dog which doesn't show up well here, but says "Betty." Betty is the most poignant piece in the junk yard dog series. Poor little Betty.

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