Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Dead Phone

In the spirit of Dias de los Muertos, I turned this vintage phone nook in my turn-of-the-century apartment into a shrine for the dead, complete with means of telecommunication. Note the now-defunct antique intercom system at upper right. You can unhook the mouthpiece and talk to the dead whenever you like.

Click on images to see larger version.

Shrines are made from Chinese take-out cartons, matchboxes, and other little boxes and celebrate the departed as well as those still waiting at the station.

Three little girls and the death of their childhood as their father blows up in mid-air (based on a true story).

Grandma, not only dead but giving a look that could kill.

Me, in commemoration of those days when I wish I were dead.

Grandma again, giving another look that could kill. This shrine commemorates her vulnerability to panic attacks.

Great grandma, the only party girl in the bunch.

What about the cow? A recurring theme.

Celebrating the Pleiades star cluster (also known as the seven sisters) who draw closest to Earth on the Day of the Dead.

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