Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Advent 2022: Ode to the Backwards Feet People

A Celebration of Feet!

The Formula

2 party garments from the thrift store; lots of tulle and beaded fabric from past projects; lots of custom artwork converted into tags and iron-on panels; and lots and lots and lots of foot-related goodies.

The Grand Plan

The Next Frontier in Advent Couture

Here are the completed advent designer gowns - the smaller, glittery one for an 11-year-old, the ridiculously long black jersey jumpsuit for a 13-year-old. An add-on beaded stretch of fabric has been converted into the sash of a tulle apron. Each day, as the appropriate numbered foot tag is found and the tulle unfurled, the garment slowly evolves and takes shape. Along the way the gowns dispense novelty socks, toe rings, ankle bracelets, toenail polish, custom t-shirts, and theme-related iron-on patches.


Foot-themed elements include the numbered foot tags for the days of December...

A tag for each day

Lots of iron-on additions

The Gowns

Gown A

Gown A breast panel

A bit of ribbon added to the back helps the gown adjust to body size.

Gown A back

A tag on each gown at the back of the sash offers post-Christmas deconstruction tips.

Deconstruction tag

Gown B

Breast panel B

Gown B back

Close-up of Gown B goodies

The Backwards Feet People

While deep-diving into the theme of feet, I googled "feet myths and legends," and to my amazement stumbled upon the backwards feet people — a pervasive legend found in disparate places around the globe very much like the stories of a great flood. A secondary goal for this year's calendar became a commitment to spread the word about these mysterious, elusive creatures. The following text accompanies the bundle containing the first of two backwards feet people t-shirts contained in each gown.

Click to enlarge

The legend inspired designs for t-shirts (purchased from the thrift store and embellished using iron-on images).

The backwards feet running girl

Running girl design

Backwards feet logo t-shirt

Backwards feet logo

The Instructions

The recipients received the following information sheet at the top of the package containing the gowns.

Operating instructions

Thus concludes the tale of the 2022 advent calendar. Hopefully it brings you inspiration and joy, which you are encouraged to pass right along to others.


  1. some mornings I wake up to find my feet are backwards.my shoes won't fit.
    other days its my head looking the wrong way I can't get my shirt on right. and then the armholes just aren't in the right place.
    then I see designers that put jackets, coats and dresses so they button down the back.
    I'm not the only one with my head backwards.
    maybe its memory in the genes?
    or we've been touched by water that remembers people with feet that turn the other way.
    Water Memory
    (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)


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