Sunday, November 1, 2020

Stitch Doodling through a Disaster


If I am not actively engaged in a project I go a little mad. My lack of tolerance for idle hands has led to some unfortunate incidents, like the chopped haircut featured in the photo above. A better solution is what I call “stitch doodling” -  grabbing scraps of fabric and just mindlessly creating something or other. The complete lack of planning, goals, or concern about outcomes can lead to some entertaining results.

In this case I took an ugly, discarded piece of eco-dyed fabric and whipped up yet another mask. I have realized recently this is never going to end and one can never have too many masks. I thought lettering would be entertaining and distract the eye from the basic ugliness of the fabric.  And then the ugliness became the point. And yes, I do keep track of exactly how many days I have been isolating during this damned pandemic.


Reverse (eco-dyed rose leaves)

Once done, to my delight I realized I had created a grim and gritty mask suitable for a character in a dystopian graphic novel. The chopped haircut just makes the whole comic book character persona even better. Yay! On days when I wish to remain incognito I can always wear the side that looks like a rose bush was flash incinerated when a nuclear bomb went off. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to mitigate the chopped hair since I have promised friends I will not touch scissors to locks for at least a month.

Want to create a mask of your own suitable for a troubled comic book character? My favorite mask pattern and instructions so far during the apocalypse: Craft Passion Mask Pattern.

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  1. I like it. Now I want to make gritty, dystopian masks, too. lol


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