Saturday, October 3, 2020

Bleeding Heart Liberal Pin


Wear it with pride

Sometimes all it takes is a few scraps of fabric that meet by happy accident on your craft table. That and a desire to send something lovely to an old college friend who occasionally sends me incredibly thoughtful little gifts in the mail every so often out of the blue. The fact that she has spent over fifty years pounding the streets of Manhattan as a foot soldier for social justice meant the rest of the project just created itself. And here you have it: The Bleeding Heart Liberal pin.



If you, too, would like a bleeding heart liberal pin, here is a quickie photo tutorial.

Draw a heart, transfer to cardboard

Cut out heart, glue felt to each side

Glue outer cloth to each side

Stitch all around, tight against cardboard. Trim. Overhand stitch around trimmed edge.

The final step is to sewa little “blood” on the front and stitch a pin clasp to the back. Now off to fight the good fight armed with empathy and compassion.


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