Sunday, July 29, 2018

Urban Summer Vest for Discerning Gentlemen

Summer vest

What to wear during summer in the city, trying to keep track of glasses, bus passes, money, and other assorted crap one simply must have on hand while simultaneously fighting sweltering heat? The gentleman's summer vest, of course, a lightweight garment fashioned from recycled thrift store men's shirts.

Piecing detail

As always when piecing together thrifted fabric, some of the garment's most alluring details are the result of sheer necessity (i.e., patch this piece over that piece or you will have a gaping hole).

Vest back

Because the recipient of this garment is a man on the move, I've added a small graphic from an ancient Persian text onto the back, created using photo transfer paper.

Swimming against the tide

1 comment:

  1. really beautiful, as were the little girls' dresses, blue and white is a perfect summer mix, seeing your work is a treat really,the way you reconfigure the components so creatively,

    I felt proud today, I tied an oversized, long men's shirt today at the small of my back, making a bolero in the front with a bustle in the back, it hight lighted the pretty pattern of the sleeveless blouse I am wearing today and hid my arms


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