Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Make Your Own Orange Man Voodoo Doll

Trump Voodoo Doll

Trump Voodoo Pincushion

For those frustrated when there is no marching to be done, petition to sign, or phone call to be made, here you have two versions of anti-Trump voodoo magic. I finished these in time for use during his first address to Congress. Now you can make some of your very own. First, the photos below will give you a sense of scale:

I am including instructions and templates for two different ways to make these. The first involves embroidering some yourself, the second offers an easier way out by cheating a bit with a full-color printout of the completed embroidery pieces.

How to Embroider Your Own Voodoo Doll

Download the black and white templates below. Print them out and then transfer to cloth by using carbon paper. Yes, they still sell carbon paper in well-stocked office supply stores. Put the cloth down first, then put the carbon paper on top of that (black, carbon side down facing the cloth), then the printout face-up. Use a ballpoint pen and press firmly, going over all of the lines on the printout. The drawing will transfer to your cloth via the carbon paper. Place your cloth Trump image face-down on another piece of cloth you want to use as the backing. Stitch around the border of the embroidery through both layers of cloth, leaving about a one-inch opening. Turn the piece through that opening so that the whole thing is right-side-out. Stuff the doll through the opening, then turn under the edges of the opening and stitch the opening closed from the outside.

Black and white embroidery template

Black and white embroidery template

Easy Non-Embroider Voodoo Dolls

For the easier method below, I scanned the two completed pieces of embroidery. All you have to do is print out this page onto a sheet of iron-on transfer paper. You can get iron-on transfer paper at any office supply store or online. As you can see, the image below is reversed so that when you iron it onto fabric, the final result will read correctly. Once printed onto transfer paper, cut out around each image, leaving a border for stitching. Iron each image onto fabric, following package instructions for your transfer paper. Choose backing material and place the fabric with the photo transfer image face-down on your backing material. Stitch around the border leaving about a one-inch opening. Turn the doll through the opening so that it is right side out. Stuff the doll through the opening. Turn under edges of the opening and stitch together from the outside.


  1. oh, I know, that is a heart (sideways)

    The round one sure would make a great pincushion, jab, jab, jab.
    I love to read about and see your creative projects.


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