Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rise and Shine 2: Working with Scraps

Rise and Shine card

When you are gifted with something as wondrous as Tennessee Williams' mother's curtains you want to share the wealth. For the back story on the curtains and a look at the primary art piece created for those curtains use this link: Rise and Shine: Tennessee Williams' Mother's Curtains. With lots of extra material and loads of scraps left over, I created a limited run of these Rise and Shine cards.

Card front

Card back

Card back text enlarged

Opening the card

Card fully open, sitting in natural light

I love the way the curtain scrap creates a little room with light shining in the windows, reinforcing the "rise and shine" theme.

Card with lamp nearby casting yellow light through lower "window"


  1. Lovely.
    So does this mean this is stuff we actually can have? If so, how?
    Vancouver Barbara

    1. No, it is still stuff you can't have. But you can be inspired to make something of your own. Though where you're going to get some of Tennessee Williams' mother's curtains I do not know. Just kidding. Maybe I will give in soon and set up a little Etsy outlet. Will announce on the blog if I do.

    2. Thanks. The curtains went to the right person.
      Vancouver Barbara

  2. I love and admire your work, it is full of inspiration, always.
    All the stuff I can't have is wonderful!

  3. Now that i'm finally old enough to
    wake my father with that dratted
    'rise and shine' he can't hear me.
    hate that phrase too.


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